The Terrorist Terminators Takes Out ‘e’
What's New?  It was getting real old but it is a brand new subject of
Congressional Investigation And Why It Is So Important
That They Know
They Represent You!
“The use and existence of classified equipment reserved by the DOD is breached each time
these devices are used by unauthorized personnel by evidence of surviving targets.” Which
makes these hackers a BSA target or why protecting victim’s privacy by Identifying the class
criteria of victims should concern BSA. BSA could face Criminal Charges of Retaliation and
Data manipulation?"
The mineral rights of the elderly, disabled,
and children of South Texas bashed by the
Tea Party for collecting  Social Security, or
other benefits not knowing they Own Texas!
More incidences reported 07/01/2014 sounds
like BP retaliations - Beyond Perry

Still waiting for Follow-up by Washington
HHS Investigation on the Subjects of our
Care To Secure Their Assets from thieves
Private Security Firms of Texas are Trapped by their own surveillance’s, by investigations
and is a matter of the appropriate Federal Agency to address Billions in White Collar Crime.
As requested by the Executive branch "I urge you to
bring all your VA issues to Congress for investigation."
This web page cancels out the Old Page DMZ  with VA
concerns posted but now in the hands of Congress what
remains are separate issue of concern.
While I was Watching for You Mary was Watching Out for Me
Texas Is In Big Trouble It Was Not NSA
University Research Used As A Terrorist Threat for Political Control
The Alamo Aerial Photo
Terrorist Threat
To Prove A Failed Experiment Paid
By Federal Dollars
Mission Alamo Before The First Shoot Fired Map
O'Dell, Gregory N. The Silver Bar Tribe Mission Alamo 'Before The First Shot Fired' 2013. Map Brush Country Museum 201 S. Stewart Cotulla,
Texas 78014
This Page as well as others have Been Modified by Intent or Error, So let it Lay Forensics Will Be able To Track. If your site
is your income then this note does not apply or is it advice to anyone outside the context of our own postings and opinions.
our protection. See standing rule of those who have been blamed for posting and the contrary of those who do not reach out
in the FBI archives. To us,  It is much better to participate then to be abused by electronic exploitation.  
The denial of access to legal representation is inherent in the state of Texas and is the common plea from thousands, who
have been oppressed and abused. This is a problem with a solution that can help the thousands with valid complaints or
representation and due process is the solution to pleas of relief for thousands of Texans.
Law enforcement is not legal representation they are sworn ‘to protect and serve.’
The down side is Data Miners who take information off the web as if it were fact and use it illegally; there is no legal use of
web data without face to face correspondence with legal representation and your right to be present, when anyone takes
any action for or against those that post backed by empirical evidence. Back room courtroom collaborations without your
presence is a clear indication that something unjust or legal is going on that is not in your favor and can harm you and others.
important to you to save because you responded for a reason, which is likely in your favor that will help you and others.
Don't like my oppinion that's ok, but to read these pages as facts is a mistake, you should research or question on your own.
What A Delicious Strawberry
A circuit preacher of protestant persuasion* traveled the towns of old Mexico,
and would occasionally stop in San Antonio to give a sermon. Not long before
Santa Anna gathered forces to march North from Mexico City, a preacher
upset with two drunkards during a Sunday sermon began to close early.
Bowie became irritated by the two men heckling the preacher, stood up pulled
his knife from the sheath and said,
Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech,
you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!
Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech,
you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!
When The United States State Department Fails To Come To Your Aid
Don't Take It Personal. It Just Does Not Benefit Them Personally. It Has
Nothing To Do With Helping Anybody But Their Own Carriers.